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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 18, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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seattle. you got it better than us? >> nobody! >> 49er fans gear up and head north for the battle in seattle. >> and ken bastida is seen behind enemy lines tonight where apparently it's mostly friendly fire. >> hi ken. >> reporter: pretty much friendly fire. in fact i think almost too much. i think people are finally getting to the pine where you know all the people -- point where you know all the talk and the track talk and speculation it is just getting to fever pitch here. somebody wants the fire the first shot and fans up here are ready for the battle to begin. >> for all the marbles, this is bigger than the super bowl for the players and fans right now. this is what it's all about. >> reporter: not just a football game that has people talking. >> are we scared of the niners?
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>> hell no. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: it's a showdown that has people talking to death. >> and hey i'll tell you right now. 24-10. seahawks super bowl back, let's go. >> i love i. jeremiah -- >> reporter: over the past three days in seattle we heard endless talk about the 12th man. >> we actually affected the game play man. loud and proud. >> reporter: we heard fans talk about what they see is certain victory. >> i think so. i think the 12th man will have something to do with it. >> we've even heard a lot of talk about a billboard. >> reporter: the niner fans have made their presence known. a little sore spot up here in the town outside the truck city's cb shot where their billboard is apparently been sabotaged. >> on sunday evening you guy are going to be very disappointed and go and drink a lot of anchor beer. >> reporter: but as nightfalls in sattable the time for talk
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is just -- seattle the time for talk is just about over. >> there's time to go out there. >> reporter: i can tell you from walking around downtown seattle 49er fans are definitely entrenched in this town. ready for this battle tomorrow. there have been a few choice spots picked out to view the game. a couple of places they are not allowed to come into? absolutely not allowed to come into unless there's a cover charge. the city is preparing on cat of this uneasy peace tonight. you know there's a lot of -- i knotless a lot overpreparation going on in fran -- know there's a lot of preparation in san francisco. brian webb? >> reporter: sports bars will be packed all across the bay area. a big party in the mission district. tonight beautiful city hall in red and gold but there might be something else we see and that's trouble. so the city is trying to stay one step ahead in that game.
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san francisco without the cable cars? it's kind of like coffee without the cream. even if it's only off the menu for a half day. >> i think cable cars are part of san francisco. >> total -- not only for san francisco but for everybody, san francisco and everybody. >> reporter: they will come off the rails seasoned afternoon and evening -- sunday afternoon and evening during and after the game win or lose. >> i didn't know about this and i'm not at all happy because i bought a three day pass. that's not much use now is it? >> reporter: the power lines that run the buses will be deenergized in case an overly excited fan orened the influence fan -- or under the influence fan gets to touch it. muni says the measures are comment to protect people and property. it wasn't that long ago after the giants won the world series that this city bus was torched
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and totaled. cost? $700,000. >> that's definitely fresh in our minds but really the main thing we're trying to do here is peak sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: but still there are tons of tourists in town to take in and soak up all the city has to offer. but the cable cars at least late sunday will be a flavor of san francisco they'll have to skip. >> a lot of travelers would be really disappointed. >> i think we ought to celebrate it. decorate them up and parade them up and down the road. >> reporter: the power lines will be only shut off along market street on monday and ken the cable cars are back in order monday morning. all right brian webb thank you for that. >> we have a very heavy and healthy police presence down on the streets of seattle. and the police very friendly and answering questions for the many tourists who have shown up for this game. we also noticed a little bit earlier there were quite a bit of -- what looked like law
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enforcement helicopters flying around. so there's definitely preparation going on in both cities tonight. and ann and brian, i'm just wondering you know this is the nfc championship gape. not the super bowl. -- game. not the super bowl. can we imagine what that's going to be like when the 49ers get into that game. >> i like the way you're talking. tomorrow everyone will be watch. >> for sure a big one. >> all right thank you ken. and stay with kpix 5 for live reports from seattle. we'll have them all weekend long as ken knows. well, other news making headlines tonight, a four alarm fire destroyed a popular neighborhood diner and left it closed and staff out of work. it broke out this morning at flames coffee shop in san jose. don knapp shows us the damage. >> reporter: employees arriving here in the early morning hours could only watch as their place of employment and their jobs went up in smoke. >> i was witness of all of
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this. >> so how do you feel about it? >> it was tough. >> reporter: the fire broke out around 6:30. >> a few minutes later they called a second alarm and within about eight to ten minutes it went to a fourth alarm. which is quite a few people. 75 plus personnel. 26 companies. >> reporter: the grease fire spread rapidly. cooks ran less than 100 yards to a nearby fire house but it was already too late. >> now the guys tried to -- they tried to get interior and fight the fire but it was so much smoke and so much heat and fire that --they pulled everybody out. >> reporter: the restaurant is called flames. and throughout the day flames' regulars came to view the ashes. >> when you want breakfast you go here. when you want a bloody mary you go here. >> you could go to and have a comfortable meal you know. you got to know the people inside there. people were friendly and talked to you. >> everything. but this is a real downer note for us. where do we go now? >> reporter: but it's the workers -- who will most miss the popular establishment. >> it's like our second home. it was not like a job. we would work but more like to spend time with each other.
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>> reporter: it was an all day kind of place. >> breakfast, lunch dinner drinks. karaoke. and witty banter. >> reporter: now the workers have to find new jobs. as the owners deal with a million dollar loss. >> we're not going to see other as much as we used to. that's sad. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still undetermined. but it looks like it started in the kitchen. in san jose, don knapp, kpix 5. >> a wildfire that burn about an acre of heavily wooded land in marin is fully contained tonight. it broke out about 9:00 last night a few miles if fairfax. -- from fairfax. nobody was hurt and no structures burned but the rugged terrain made it difficult to fight. fire crews were out there all night. meanwhile firefighters in southern california gaining control of a much bigger fire in the san gabriel mountains. the 1900-acre coal by fire at 61% contained at this hour. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted and people are being allowed back and in their home -- in their homes.
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five houses were destroyed and 17 others damaged and with the bone dry conditions across california, that won't take much to spark another bad fire. >> this is january. >> yeah. >> this is supposed to be the wettest time of the year and look at this. this should be a nice green field this time of year. and it's not. we haven't really moved out of fire season. >> what would it take to light something like this on fire? >> not much. just a small little ember unless we get rain there's going to be no relief in sight. >> no relief in sight. there's no rain on the foreclose and the forecast -- horizon and the forecast prompted governor brown to declare a drought emergency just yesterday. the taliban is responsible for an attack in afghanistan yesterday that killed 21 people. it happened yesterday at a restaurant in kabul popular with foreigners. two of the americans killed worked for the american university of afghanistan. the third was a somali american working for unicef. it was payback for an afghan military operation earlier this
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week against insurgents. some of the passengers aboard the asiana airlines flight that crash-landed at sfo are now suing the company that built the plane. the personal injury suit against boeing claims some equipment on the 777 was improperly installed or defective and also claims the company knew or should have known that the planed that problems with autothrottle control and low air speed warning systems. the cdc says the salmonella outbreak that originated at three california foster forms' plants appears to be over. the outbreak sickened 430 people and more than a third of them were hospitalized but there were no deaths. the cdc says the company has taken effective measures to control the outbreaks but the company's livingston plant recently shut down to deal with a cockroach problem. the covered california website went offline an hour ago and it will be down for a few days. it will be offline until
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tuesday morning for maintenance and upgrades. you won't be able to enroll or to check your account during that time. but you'll still be able to visit the website for information on the marketplace and to get a cost estimate on coverage. another bay area city has slapped a ban on bounce houses at public parks. hercules was concerned about someone getting hurt and then suing the city. nationwide, there have been a number of accidents of bounce houses blowing over with children playing in them. >> we just don't want the liability risk of what an average jump or bounce house brings. >> city is putting up signs and for now violators just get a warning. still ahead stocking up for the battle in seattle. >> how much do you think you're going to spend today? >> probably over $100, $200 today. >> that's nothing compared to some fans we found out shopping today. >> plus, the rivalry heats up on the slopes of the sierra.
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>> and there's a battle to see if it will ever rain again in california. well, we hope it will. but that's not going to happen anytime soon. temperatures right now as you see them there. the forecast after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ken tosses to pkg. i'm ken bastida. welcome back to the live coverage of the battle of seattle. we are here atop a roof underneath the space needle waiting for this thing to get going. you know before we left san francisco, we really wanted to sort of gauge the -- i don't know, the common man to see what he thought about the san francisco 49ers' chances against the seattle seahawks. we ran into george. he runs a grocery store in san francisco. listen to what he told us. >> i know my team. i'll be following my team since 1989. i know the niners very well. and i have a feeling the niners are going there and are going to crash the -- stats man. when they are mad? oh boy don't mess with them. they are going to kill them. >> reporter: frankly a little
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bit surprised at his level of confidence # we sort of brushed it off as bravado but then we came up the seattle and over the last several days we've talked to fans on both sides of this big game. and let me tell you something, both sides are supremely confident. ♪ who do you think is going to win this thing? >> sattable. >> no way you can beat us at home. >> it's impossible. >> niners are going to do it. >> reporter: who's going to win this game? >> the hawks. >> i mean -- we already beat them once and why not again? >> obviously we're going to win this game. >> we're going to take nfc championship back to san francisco where it belongs. >> kaepernick you're going down boy. down. >> reporter: the owner of the 49ers -- was over there buying fish i'm not kidding you five mips ago and i talked to him. and he said he might want to have a little piece of sea hawk for trek fast on sunday morning
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-- breakfast on sunday morning. >> oh really? he's going to get the whole pie and better be prepared the eat it. >> because we are going to beat the 49ers this sunday. you can believe that. >> there's no doubt about it. >> that's a lot of bold talk man against a team that's won five super bowls. >> we don't tear about that. we on the top right now. >> as chris berman says that's why they play the game. ♪ >> reporter: yeah, like to thank the tall boys that's the duo there playing that wonderful bluegrass down at the fish market for us, yee-haw. let's get this thing going you know? >> you know ken i'm kind of getting is sense that you're kind of getting the sense that people are getting tired of all the hype and just like play the game? >> reporter: yeah you know this thing has been drawn out long enough. you know these teems have net you moe several times this season already. and you know they've traded punches. and now i think -- most of the country, most of the nfl
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believes that whoever comes out of this is going to take the super bowl. so this really is the de facto game of the year. and people just want -- wanted to see its stars. what's the guy let's get ready to rumble? let's go. >> t minus 20 huhs and how abouting -- hours and counting. that really looked good by the way and thanks to the photographers and editors. the 49ers' faithful tonight are loading up on munchies for tomorrow's nfc championship. we caught up with some of them at the costco in san francisco. one fan toledos that he has 20 people to feed. -- told us that he has 20 people to feed and spending serious min to do it. how much money did you spend at costco today? >> around $700. >> this is for a party tomorrow. >> yes. >> how much food did you get? >> a lot. chicken and -- we've got taco burritos. >> another fan planned to spend about $200 on his party.
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>> stocking up for the big game? >> talk about icing your points. -- opponents, this giant seahawks' logo didn't stand a chance in lake tahoe. it was 35 feet wide and 12 phototall and keyword was. a huge throng of 49er fans cheered the demolition hoping it's a sign of things to come. [ cheering and applause ] >> for all 49er fans, and i like my chicken fried or roasted but i like it squished as well. so that's what we did here today at north star. >> well, there were a few seahawks' fans on hand to watch as well. they were not pleased. we have not exactly been thrilled over in the weather department either to be delivering basically the same forecast and basically the same news for what seems like -- probably about 14 years now. which is that there's no rain on the horizon. and more record highs are due tomorrow. that's after we set record highs today. five record highs in the bay area. numbers right now were cooling
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down under the influence of clear skies. it's 43 degrees at concord and in oakland 48 degrees and then livermore 45. but look at the stunning numbers from today. in january -- it's 73 degrees at redwood city -- this was the high today. 37 at livermore. caramel valley. now it's about ten miles inland from carmel but still 83 degrees. and in salinas home of steinbeck, 82 degrees today. easily shattering their old record. tomorrow we're looking for plenty of sun around the bay area. the numbers will be mostly in the mid- to upper 60s and up in seattle game time the temperature will only be in the mid 40s with partly cloudy skies. kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and we'll look for that game to get underway as you see on the time lapse here in the eastern pacific. all the systems that are butting up against high pressure in the bay area are just knocked out of breath by the time they get to the west coast. the moisture is heading well over the top of this reg. north of vancouver. -- ridge. north of vancouver. it's nowhere near the bay area.
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more warm dry weather then as a result. maybe weak things will cool down a little bet. we'll get partly cloudy skies around thursday but dry conditions are a cinch to persist as we'll show you in a minute or two. the cpc the climate prediction center got together yesterday i think they had the new report that was out looking ahead about three months and it will show you the results of their -- of all of their studying and all of their stuff in a minute or two. overnight lows tonight chilly. 31 santa rosa and 40-degree at oakland. livermore a few degrees above freezing tonight. plenty cold at night. and plenty warm in the daytime. tomorrow livermore 14 degrees above average. in san francisco, we'll be 11 degrees above average and 68 degrees and in san jose 70 for a high tomorrow. down in the south bay lot of places will nudge or exceed 70 degrees and 72 in wills altos and it will be bush wills altos --less altos and it will be
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beautiful. the same for the north bay and mid 60s will do it. but still they can be hard to tell the difference. extend forecast is calling for things to cool down by the time we hit thursday. but between now and then, more record highs and there's one more map to show you that is the three month outlook for the next -- you know between february and april. we're going to be looking at dry conditions at least that's the tendency for northern and central and southern california. at least it's what it looks like it's going to be doing over the next few months. we shall see. vern's got sports. after a break. ,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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just take a look at this fam face well, it's official, the internet hates the seahawks. >> yeah, take a look at this fan map. facebook put together. and as you can see, it's not just california that's suddenly a red state. the 49ers seem to have overwhelming support across the country going into tomorrow's game. >> especially in fans looking to make a few bucks off tomorrow's game. they love the 49ers' sports books in reno are seeing half action on the team. one vegas odds maker says betters are placing four times more money on the 49ers than on the seahawks and explaining why the 49ers are getting such robust support across the country. ladies and gentlemen, vern glenn. >> he won't weigh in on who he thinks is going to win tomorrow. >> i will reveal this -- before we leave the air tonight. i will reveal -- who i think will win the game. >> all right. >> how about that? >> all right ahead the warriors were working hard in the big easy and follow the bouncing ball as someone got bounced
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down under. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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believer in the 49ers... sports books have d the seahawks a 3 1/2 point favo all week... .. the vegas sports books have spoken. all week, they've had the seattle seahawks as a three and a half point favorite over the had thers to win -- 49ers to win including this eve of tomorrow's 3:30 game. you're looking at venus williams eliminated a week ago and tonight ana ivanovic took out sister serena. top-seeded hadn't lost a match since last august. the many moves of stephturery led the warrior consider -- steph curry led the warriors back to beat new orleans. he had 28 and bogut the big
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swat here. three blocks in the final three minutes. segue to hockey. martin st. louis had four goals for tampa bay. wasn't enough to beat the visiting sharks. joe pavelski responded with three straight goal for a hat trick -- goals for a hat trick. harbaugh the horse on display at today's california derby today at golden gate field. actually had the early lead but faded all the way back to seventh in an eight horse race. exit stage left with jockey russell bays was the winner. and just to take you out at 6:00, i truly was feeling the seattle seahawks 19-17. now -- now at 10:27? i'm swaying over to the 49ers. same score. >> all right. >> 19-14. >> ken you're out there in seattle -- >> reporter: smart move vern.
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very smart man vern because there's a big city right now that will come find you if you make the wrong decision. >> have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,
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